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The Speakers Bureau is a free community service and offers talks on many topics of interest to seniors, caregivers and professionals. 


Our speakers inform, educate and entertain people interested in learning about our programs, services and issues pertaining to aging.

Family and Relationships:

  • The Balancing Act - Managing a Crisis Before It Manages You
  • Communicating Effectively - All You Need to Know But Don’t Know How To Ask
  • How to be an Advocate for Your Aging Parent - Begin Today
  • Traditions and Memories - Preserving Family History and Creating a Legacy
  • Where to Turn - Community Resources Available When Caring for Aging Parents and Relatives
  • Caregiver Burnout


  • Nutrition - Making “Heart Smart” Choices
  • Stress Busters - Lighten Up and Live Longer
  • Nurse Practitioners - Their Role in the Prevention of Illness and Patient Education
  • The Art of Volunteering - Help Others, Help Yourself
  • Women’s Health - Fast Facts for Your Health
  • Hurricane Preparedness - Remembering Frances, Jeanne and Wilma
  • Life in a Pressure Cooker - Managing Your Time Effectively
  • Mindfulness - The life changing magic of tidying up our thoughts -
  • When You Need Resilience
  • What You Need To Know About Your Health Insurance
  • LIFE (Motivational Presentation on Life)


  • Advanced Directives - Making Your Life Choices Known
  • Myths of Aging - Take the Quiz and Find Out
  • Safety in the Home - Inexpensive Ways to Create a Safe Environment
  • Living with Alzheimer’s Disease - Positive Lifestyle Changes
  • Geriatric Care Management - Everything You Need to Know to Ensure Peace of Mind
  • Aging Gracefully
  • What You Can Do Now To Prevent Memory Loss
  • Music & Memories:  The Power of Music in Bringing Back Memories For Seniors With Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia


Special from the Sondra & David S. Mack Pavilion:

  • Fitness After 70 - Creating a Safe Exercise Program


About Our Speakers:

All of our speakers have expertise in their subject areas and will share their knowledge and experience with you and the members of your organization.  There is no honorarium fee or charge.

To book a speaker for your event, please call (561) 531-9844.